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Cervical lymph nodes [found in the neck]
Infraclavicular lymph nodes [found under the collarbone]
Axillary lymph nodes [found under the arm]
Epitrochlear lymph nodes [found in the elbow]
Thoracic duct [largest lymph vessel in the body, found deep within the abdomen]
Cisterna chyli [lower part of the thoracic duct, stores lymph containing fat known as chyle]
Iliac lymph nodes [found in the pelvis]
Inguinal lymph nodes [found in the groin]

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With over a decade of experience, we are passionate about empowering both medical professionals and patients to understand the lymphatic system. Start learning by pressing the + signs to reveal important lymph nodes.

Experts in swelling and chronic oedemas

Chronic oedema is the medical term for persistent swelling, found in conditions such as lymphoedema, lipoedema, and venous insufficiency.

What is lymphoedema?

Lymphoedema (also spelled lymphedema and pronounced lym – pho – dee – mah) occurs when the lymphatic system fails to adequately move fluid through the human body.

Lymphoedema is an inflammatory condition characterised by the accumulation of tissue fluid, fibrosis, and fat. Some people are born with lymphoedema (primary lymphoedema), while others are at risk for developing the condition following injuries, cancer treatments, or vein issues (secondary lymphoedema).

The good news is that breast cancer-related lymphoedema may be reversible if detected early, and if you are already experiencing symptoms of other types of lymphoedema, this condition is manageable with the proper education, treatment, and care.

What is the impact of lymphoedema?

Lymphoedema affects millions of people worldwide. There are physical, functional, financial and psychological consequences which can significantly impact the lives of those living with the condition.

1 in 5

The number of people treated for breast cancer who develop lymphoedema as a side effect of their treatment.


Of those diagnosed with gynaecological cancer are likely to develop lymphoedema as a result of treatment.

13 years

The reported time for patients with primary lymphoedema to get the right lymphoedema drainage treatments.

$125 million

Spent on cellulitis treatment (a preventable side effect of lymphoedema) in NSW in a single year.

250 million

The estimated number of people worldwide who suffer with lymphoedema and the condition’s side effects.


The average yearly cost for a patients to manage breast cancer-related lymphoedema and its effects.

“With breast cancer, you go in for your treatment, once cancer is under control you are kind of done with it. With lymphoedema, you will never be done with it because you are having this big arm, pain, burning, heaviness, and soreness every day. It’s something that you have to live with for the rest of your life.”

Mrs Kathy, living with lymphoedema

How can the Australian Institute of Lymphoedema help you?

The Australian Institute of Lymphoedema is committed to serving the lymphoedema community through education, empowerment and early detection.


The first and most important step in the lymphoedema journey is learning evidence-based ways to detect, manage and treat the condition.


Understanding how to manage lymphoedema gives both patients and practitioners the confidence to make decisions about treatments.

Early detection

Cutting edge scientific recommendations help you detect and manage lymphoedema whilst symptoms are more manageable.


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We put the power to heal in your hands, through evidence-based, engaging educational resources.

Resources for patients

If you have undergone breast cancer treatment, or have lymphoedema from any other cause, we show you how to take control of your lymphoedema management and put the power to heal in your hands with online courses designed with your needs in mind.


Resources for practitioners

If you wish to embark on a life-changing career in lymphoedema care as a qualified and accredited lymphoedema practitioner, we offer online and face to face courses designed to empower you with cutting-edge, evidence-based treatments and best-practice care.