About the
Australian Institute
of Lymphoedema.

A hub of excellence in lymphoedema education designed to empower patients and practitioners to detect, manage and treat lymphoedema.

Why the Australian Institute of Lymphoedema?

Institute is the perfect name for a professional hub of excellence underpinned by science. The education we deliver is backed by scientific research and we endeavour to ensure that our educational content is up to date, relevant and in touch with the needs of both patients and practitioners. 

Lymphoedema, chronic oedemas and the lymphatic system is all that we focus on at the Australian Institute of Lymphoedema. This is not a job for us, this is our life’s work! We are dedicated towards serving the lymphoedema community.

We’ve teamed up with Professor Piller, Australia’s only dedicated Lymphologist and Director of the Lymphoedema Clinical Research Unit at Flinders University to bring you cutting edge, evidence-based research, information, education and lived experience to help both patients and practitioners detect, manage and treat lymphoedema.

We offer a range of self-paced, online courses for patients and both online courses as well as in-person lymphoedema training events for health professionals.

Resources created for patients

CANfind helps patients find a qualified lymphoedema therapist who has trained in the Casley-Smith method.


Blogs empowers anyone living with chronic oedemas to understand their health conditions.


LymphLove Store allows patients to source relevant products to nurture their body.


Resources designed for practitioners

CANdetect allows practitioners to provide their patients with advice regarding risk factors and early detection.


CANtreat gives practitioners an introduction to the evidence-based treatment options available for lymphoedema.


CANpractice is an ALA accredited training course allowing practitioners to become recognised lymphoedema practitioners.


Meet the team behind the Australian Institute of Lymphoedema.

Andrea Mangion – Director of the Australian Institute of Lymphoedema

Andrea is a Casley-Smith Lymphoedema Trainer and Titled Cancer and Lymphoedema Physiotherapist (Australian Physiotherapy Association) with over a decade of clinical experience in cancer and lymphoedema rehabilitation.

Andrea has travelled to every state in Australia teaching on chronic oedemas, travelled to Germany to train at world renowned Földi Clinic, Sweden to learn about surgery for lymphoedema and to Finland to learn about innovative treatment strategies for lymphoedema. 

Andrea has current teaching qualifications via TAE40116 and is currently completing her PhD through Flinders University with Professor Neil Piller. 

Andrea is an active member of Casley-Smith International and over the last decade has been running Australasian Lymphology Association accredited lymphoedema courses. Andrea has trained hundreds of health practitioners to become qualified lymphoedema practitioners.

“You can change the lives of patients who are need of quality care. Lymphoedema practitioners are kind, hardworking and passionate about making a difference.”

Professor Neil Piller – Director of the Lymphoedema Clinical Research Unit at Flinders University

Professor Neil Piller is respected around the world for his research on lymphoedema and is known for his kindness and passion towards educating others. Neil has been researching the lymphatic system since 1973.

Neil is a Lymphologist from Flinders University– which is a Professor who has dedicated their career to studying the lymphatic system. Globally, there are less than a handful of Lymphologists as it takes a lifetime of dedicated research to be regarded as an expert in this area.

Professor Piller is an executive member of the of the International Society for Lymphology, Clinical Sciences and Chief editor of the “Journal of Lymphoedema” (UK), a member of the editorial boards of “Phlebology” (USA) and “Lymphology” (USA).

“I absolutely love the lymphatic system because way back in about 1969, I was introduced to lymphatic diseases through one of my lecturers and Professors, Professor John Casley-Smith. Way back then just one picture he showed me changed my life. I’m passionate about education, not only for the practitioners but also for the patients.”

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