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The Casley-Smith Method

The original Australian evidence-based method for the
treatment of chronic oedema and lymphedemas.

What is the Casley-Smith method?

The Casley-Smith method is the original Australian treatment method of managing chronic oedema including conditions such as lymphoedema, venous disease, lipoedema and other forms of chronic swelling.

The Casley-Smith method is a non-invasive means of treating chronic oedemas known as Complex Physical Therapy.

Complex Physical Therapy involves four aspects:

1) skin care and the treatment of any infection;

2) a special form of massage known as lymphatic massage or manual lymphatic drainage;

3) compression bandaging followed by compression to maintain the limb reduction usually by compression pumps or compression garments; and

4) special exercises that complement the massage known as decongestive exercises.

Complex Physical Therapy has two phases:

1) a treatment course of up to 4 weeks or more whereby fluid, fibrosis and fat aim to be addressed and

2) maintaining and continuing the reduction by continuing with compression, exercises, and skin care.

The modern implementation of the Casley-Smith method

The Casley-Smith method is continuing to evolve as further research informs clinical practice. In recent years we have been able to understand much more about how the lymphatic system works with the innovation of an imaging method that allows practitioners to see lymph flow in real time.

The video below demonstrates the new imaging method with the UK Casley-Smith group and features Dr Rhian Noble Jones – 2021 President of Casley-Smith International.

Many great practitioners have been impacted
by Dr John and Dr Judith Casley-Smith

Professor Piller is Australia’s only Lymphologist. He was trained by Dr John Casley-Smith. You can hear his career story in the video below and how Dr John Casley-Smith changed his life.

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