for patients.

CANdetect is for anyone who has been treated, or is currently being treated, for breast cancer and is therefore at risk of lymphoedema.

The importance of early detection in lymphoedema.

Approximately 1 in 5 patients develop breast cancer-related lymphoedema as a side effect of breast cancer treatment. Though there is a lifetime risk of developing lymphoedema following breast cancer treatment, it tends to present the first few years after breast cancer treatment.

The good news is the more you know about breast cancer-related lymphoedema, the more you can do to prevent it. Breast cancer-related lymphoedema can be detected and treated before swelling starts.

When caught early, studies show that breast cancer-related lymphoedema is potentially reversible in stage zero lymphoedema (also known as subclinical lymphoedema, which is the medical term to describe a condition before it becomes clinical or in other words “established.”) – so early detection is incredibly important to avoid life-long swelling.

“It is therefore important to identify breast cancer-related lymphoedema early, in the subclinical phase of the process, allowing for earlier intervention, thereby reducing the development of the severe and irreversible symptoms of chronic breast cancer-related lymphoedema.”

Shah et al., 2020

CANdetect helps early detection of lymphoedema.

At the start of cancer treatments is when you should be educated on and screened for lymphoedema, as opposed to seeking help only once lymphoedema develops. CANdetect provides you with an understanding of what causes lymphoedema, what you can do to reduce your risk, where to seek help and how to put self-care into action.

CANdetect is an online, self-paced course, designed to help you understand and recognise the early signs of breast cancer-related lymphoedema and seek the right treatments and therapies.

By following the steps recommended in CANdetect, you can seek the right treatment options and avoid factors known to increase the risk of developing lymphoedema.

CANdetect takes away confusion and gives you a clear path of action.

CANdetect is for you if…

  • You have had breast cancer-related treatment in the last 5-10 years
  • You have not yet developed symptoms of lymphoedema
    (if you have symptoms, CANmanage is designed for you)
  • You want to pursue self-care and self-education
  • You want to be proactively involved in your health care
  • You are motivated to nurture and care for your body
  • You know how to use a computer or mobile phone and have an internet connection to watch the course videos
  • You are an Australian resident
    (access outside of Australia is currently not available)

Meet your experienced CANdetect presenters.

Professor Piller

Flinders University

Director of the Lymphoedema Clinical Research Unit at Flinders University, with over 40 years’ experience researching and studying the lymphatic system. He presents lymphoedema education in an easy to understand and accessible way.

Andrea Mangion

Lymphoedema Physiotherapist

Titled Cancer & Lymphoedema Physiotherapist and Honorary Lecturer at Macquarie University and is under-taking her PhD at Flinders University in lymphoedema. She’s on a mission to help those at risk of, or diagnosed with, lymphoedema.


Living with

Monique is living with lymphoedema in her breast and arm as a result of breast cancer treatment. She has become President of the Lymphoedema Support Group of South Australia and has dedicated her life to lymphoedema advocacy projects.


Living with

Ros developed lymphoedema in both arms following breast cancer treatment. She shares her interesting and honest experience of living with lymphoedema to help others living with lymphoedema to manage and take control of the condition.

What’s included in CANdetect?

CANdetect is a fraction of the cost of a single consultation with a lymphoedema practitioner and includes far more information than a single appointment can cover! Armed with the knowledge gained in CANdetect, your time with a lymphoedema practitioner can focus on hands-on treatment.

For $29 AUD plus GST you get 12 months access to over 50 short videos, which you can watch at your own pace from the comfort of your own home. The videos include information on…

  • What breast cancer-related lymphoedema is
  • How the lymphatic system works
  • How breast cancer treatments can cause lymphoedema
  • How early detection and diagnosis can occur 
  • What stage zero lymphoedema is
  • The factors that increase the risk of lymphoedema
  • The early warning signs of breast cancer-related lymphoedema
  • How early lymphoedema is treated
  • What it’s like living with breast cancer-related lymphoedema
  • The questions to ask your breast surgeon and breast care nurse about breast cancer-related lymphoedema
  • How to choose the right lymphoedema therapist for you
  • Knowing what you want when engaging a lymphoedema therapist

CANdetect also includes…

$100 compression garment voucher

Compression is one of the most safe and effective, evidence-based treatments for early breast cancer-related lymphoedema. We’re proud to partner with Sigvaris to offer a $100 AUD voucher to spend on compression garments.

Flinders Foundation contribution

Your decision to purchase CANdetect will help care for yourself – and others – as a portion of every CANdetect sale goes to the Flinders Foundation charity – an organisation dedicated to medical research and patient care.

30 day money back guarantee

We believe in the quality and content of our CANdetect course, which is why the Australian Institute of Lymphoedema is happy to offer a full 30 day money back guarantee if you are unhappy with the course. Conditions apply.

Still have questions about CANdetect?

How long will I have access to CANdetect?

You will have 12 months to access CANdetect’s online resources after purchase. At the end of your 12 month period, your course access will automatically expire.

Is CANdetect easy to access?

Yes, CANdetect is easy to access. You can access the course from any web browser, including on your mobile phone. The course is hosted by a learning management system used by tens of thousands of learners of all ages and abilities.

Can I claim CANdetect back on Medicare or with my private health fund?

Not at this stage. CANdetect does not count as ‘physiotherapy’ and it does not offer individual medical advice. As such, it cannot be claimed on Medicare or private health funds at this time.

Can I share CANdetect access?

No. Only one compression garment voucher is provided per person and both course access and voucher usage are tracked. Our learning management system allows us to see the IP addresses that are used to log into the course and when users have logged in. Sharing course passwords is strictly prohibited as part of our Terms and Conditions.

How do I redeem my Sigvaris compression garment voucher?

The Sigvaris compression garment voucher needs to be redeemed at a Sigvaris outlet accompanied by a completed Sigvaris prescription form from your doctor, lymphoedema therapist or approved health professional. The prescription form can be downloaded from within the course and is easy to complete. If you have a health condition, such as arterial disease and/or diabetes, compression needs to be prescribed carefully, this process ensures your safety. Getting fitted for a compression garment can take 10-30 minutes depending on your needs. It is recommended you contact Sigvaris via phone or email to organise a fitting time.

What if I can't get to a Sigvaris outlet?

We understand it’s not always possible to get to a Sigvaris outlet. If this is the case for you, see your lymphoedema therapist or breast care nurse who can accurately measure you and complete your prescription form. Sigvaris may then offer an online consult and send your garments in the post.

If you are able to get to a Sigvaris outlet, we highly recommend it. The experience of being measured allows you to see and feel the fabrics before purchasing and become fully informed as to what you will be wearing and how to wear it. Compression garments should feel like a hug. They should not be uncomfortable or block off lymph fluid from moving. Poorly prescribed garments can do harm which is why we suggest taking the time and making caring for yourself part of a self-care shopping experience!

What are the terms for the Sigvaris compression garment voucher?

  • Your Sigvaris voucher is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase of the CANdetect online course and proof of purchase of the course must be shown to redeem your voucher.
  • The Sigvaris voucher must be used in one single transaction only, with one voucher per person.
  • The voucher can be claimed on donning aids and accessories only with purchase of garments. If you decide to spend more than the value of the voucher, you will need to pay the difference.
  • Your Sigvaris voucher is not redeemable for cash.

Can I book in to see Professor Piller one on one?

Professor Piller works in South Australia as a researcher on the lymphatic system. The only way to access the knowledge Professor Piller has shared with us is through the CANdetect course.

Can I book in to see Andrea one on one?

Yes. Andrea is a Titled Cancer and Lymphoedema Physiotherapist and is available for Telehealth appointments. Appointments cost $135 a session and can be booked here. These telehealth services are classed as “Physiotherapy services” please check with your health fund if they allow you to reimburse for telehealth services.

How does the money back guarantee work?

Get in touch with us within 30 days if you are unhappy with your purchase. Refunds will not be issued if the Sigvaris voucher has been redeemed.