for practitioners.

CANtreat for practitioners are comprehensive online courses designed as an introduction to assessing, managing and treating lymphoedema.

Empowering assertive and evidence-based treatment of lymphoedema.

Treating lymphoedema is not difficult.

Lymphoedema is treated through a range of techniques known as Complex Lymphatic Therapy, researched extensively by Australians Dr John and Dr Judith Casley Smith.

Treatment methods including education, lymphatic massage, compression bandages, garments, exercise and skin care can significantly improve patients’ quality of life.

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“[Complex Physical therapy] involves four aspects: 1) skin care and the treatment of any infection; 2) a special form of massage; 3) compression bandaging… and 4) special exercises that complement the massage.”

– Dr Judith Casley Smith, Treatment for Lymphedema of the Arm—The Casley- Smith Method

CANtreat helps you understand how to assess and treat lymphoedema.

CANtreat are online, self-paced courses, designed to help you understand how lymphoedema is assessed and the methods behind evidence-based lymphoedema treatment strategies.

CANtreat is suitable for all health professionals who wish to learn more about managing and treating swelling and stimulating the lymphatic system.

CANtreat may be of particular interest to…

  • General Practitioners
  • Surgeons (including cosmetic)
  • Radiation Therapists
  • Physiotherapists
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Registered Nurses
  • Phlebologists
  • Remedial Massage Therapists
  • Osteopaths
  • Podiatrists

There are two courses available depending on whether you treat patients who have upper limb swelling (e.g. for to breast care nurses) or lower limb swelling (e.g. for podiatrists).

CANtreat Upper Limb & Breast Lymphoedema is for you if…

You work with patients who have swelling in their upper limbs, breast and/or trunk.


CANtreat Lower Limb & Genital Lymphoedema is for you if…

You work with patients who have swelling in their genitals, abdomen and/or lower limbs.


“Andrea has created an invaluable educational resource on the management of lymphoedema. The HELP courses are thoroughly planned, evidence-based online courses that are perfect for patients, carers as well as clinicians. Without a doubt the time and dedication that Andrea has put into creating this online platform highlights how passionate she is for patients achieving the correct care and education in order to manage their lymphoedema. I couldn’t recommend this course more.”

Letitia ReusPhysiotherapist

Meet your experienced CANtreat presenters.

Professor Piller

Lymphologist Flinders University

Director of the Lymphoedema Clinical Research Unit at Flinders University, with over 40 years’ experience researching and studying the lymphatic system. He presents lymphoedema education in an easy to understand and accessible way.

Andrea Mangion

Lymphoedema Physiotherapist

Titled Cancer & Lymphoedema Physiotherapist and Honorary Lecturer at Macquarie University, Andrea is the Director of the Australian Institute of Lymphoedema. She’s on a mission to help those at risk of, or diagnosed with, lymphoedema.

Including case studies of real lymphoedema patients.

Each CANtreat course (Upper Limb or Lower Limb) also includes real-life case studies of four lymphoedema patients. You may hear from…


Living with

Monique is living with lymphoedema in her breast and arm as a result of breast cancer treatment. She has become President of the Lymphoedema Support Group of South Australia and dedicates her time to lymphoedema advocacy.


Living with

Ros developed lymphoedema in both arms following breast cancer treatment. She shares her interesting and honest experience of living with lymphoedema to help others living with lymphoedema to manage their condition.


Living with

Henric is living with breast cancer-related lymphoedema in his left arm. His simple question “Why didn’t anyone tell me about lymphoedema before I swelled?” is what inspired Andrea to create this course to help educate others.


Living with

Carol has breast cancer-related lymphoedema of her left arm. Since developing the condition, she has been a part of several lymphoedema advocacy campaigns and cares for others via her local lymphoedema support group.


Living with

Avah is a young woman living with primary lymphoedema of her legs. As a champion hip hop and tap dancer, she wants to show other young adults and children with this condition that it doesn’t have to stop them achieving their dreams.


Living with

Leslie has primary lymphoedema that affects both of her legs. She has a son who is also living with primary lymphoedema and shares her story with us as part of CANmanage, to help others manage and live with this condition.


Living with

Ted is living with primary lymphoedema that affects both of his legs. He doesn’t let lymphoedema get in the way of being heavily involved with his local community or getting involved with projects that help others living with lymphoedema.


Living with

Denis has phlebo-lymphoedema and diabetes which affects both legs. He shares his experience of lymphoedema treatments including feeling the “flood gates opening” when his lymphatic drainage started to work.

What’s included in CANtreat?

The two CANtreat courses provide an introduction to the evidence-backed assessment and treatment of lymphoedema in either the Lower Limbs or the Upper Limbs.

These online courses are not designed to replace practical training in hands on lymphoedema skills and further training is advised if you wish to become a qualified lymphoedema practitioner.

The online courses include lessons and information on…

  • What lymphoedema is
  • How the lymphatic system works
  • What the stages of lymphoedema are
  • How lymphoedema is assessed
  • How lymphoedema is treated
  • What it’s like living with either upper limb or lower limb lymphoedema

CANtreat course preview

Want to know what the CANtreat course will cover?

Watch the short CANtreat course introduction video below for a preview of the course content and to meet your CANtreat course presenters.

CANtreat also provides…

Exploration into lymphoedema practice

You may decide after completing this program to consider becoming a lymphoedema therapist. You can read more about our certification course here.

CPD points

CANdetect is recognised by the Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) and can be used for 8 hours of Continuing Professional Development hours (or CPD points).

CANtreat is proudly offered through the APA.

CANtreat Upper and Lower Limb courses are proudly offered through the Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) – the peak professional Physiotherapy organisation in Australia.

*Please note that CANtreat does not provide you with a qualification to treat lymphoedema. If you wish to be qualified as a lymphoedema practitioner please visit here.