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CANfind is a register of recognised Casley-Smith lymphoedema practitioners who have completed an accredited course in Complex Lymphatic Therapy.

CANfind helps patients find qualified lymphoedema practitioners faster

What is the Casley-Smith method of Complex Physical Therapy?

The Casley-Smith method of Complex Physical Therapy is the original Australian method of treating chronic oedema, specifically lymphoedema. The method was created by Doctors John and Judith Casley Smith. The method was based on leaders in this field, such as the German Foldi method, and then was updated in line with advancements in clinical practice.

Casley-Smith International represents a group of international Casley-Smith recognised trainers. The Casley-Smith method is taught across the globe and is updated in line with modern clinical practice.

To read more on the original publications you can visit here:

  • Casley-Smith JR, Casley-Smith JR. Complex physical therapy; the first 200 Australian limbs. Australian Journal of Dermatology. 1992;33:61-8. Access here.
  • Casley-Smith JR, Boris M, Weindorf S, Lasinski B. Treatment for lymphedema of the arm–the Casley-Smith method: a noninvasive method produces continued reduction. Cancer. 1998 Dec 15;83(12 Suppl American):2843-60. Access here. 

What is CANfind?

A register or database of recognised Casley-Smith lymphoedema practitioners.

In order to be eligible for a listing practitioner must have:

  • Completed a post-graduate course in Complex Physical Therapy with a recognised Casley-Smith International Lymphoedema Trainer. This includes recognised Casley-Smith Lymphoedema Trainers overseas who are currently listed here.
  • Courses must be 135 hours in minimum duration or if module (such as ” Limb and Breast” accredited by your countries professional lymphology association (such as the Australasian Lymphology Association (ALA) in Australia). In Australia the course is the CANpractice lymphoedema course.
  • Be currently practising in lymphoedema therapy and offering services to patients
  • Have suitable medical insurance that allows the practitioner to safely treat patients in a clinical context
  • Maintain continuing professional development activities in line with their profession and scope of practice

Patients can search for practitioners who have completed a recognised lymphoedema course

Does it cost anything to be listed on CANfind?

There is no fee for practitioners to be listed. This service is provided by the Australian Institute of Lymphoedema – the Australian provider of Casley-Smith recognised training.

How do I list my services?

To add a listing press on “Add a listing.” You will then be prompted to add your details.

You do not need to sign in or create an account.

Is my listing automatically approved?

We review every single listing as we ant to ensure that you are a qualified practitioner. You are required to upload a copy of your certificate as a JPG file to ensure that you have the suitable qualifications. Please allow 6 business days for approval.

Present a copy of your certificate to provide suitable evidence to patients that you hold relevant qualifications

What are all of the steps involved with registering and how do I add a copy of my certificate?

Step 1 – Press “Add listing”

Step 2 – Select that you are a Practitioner and choose the training organisation that you trained with

Step 3 – Enter your practice details and upload a copy of your certificate

Step 4 – Press submit. You will receive an automated email. We will also receive an automated email. Please allow at least 6 working days for us to approve your listing. If information is miss, we will email you and ask you to email us the information before your listing becomes live.

If you make a mistake and have already pressed “Submit” do not panic. Simply email us with any corrections.

How do I edit my services?

Write to us at and we will update your listing or delete your listing at your request within 6 business days.

Tips for a successful listing

  • Make sure that you are suitably qualified. We will not allow you to be listed if you do not have a JPEG of your certificate. You will also not be listed if you did not train with a recognised Casley-Smith International trainer. Please do not apply if you completed training with another course provider in an alternative method.
  • Think about how you can best market yourself. Only put information in your listing that you wish to show on Google.
  • Email us if your information changes so we can help you keep your information current.
  • You will need to check your listing information once every 12 months.

What if I trained many years ago?

  • You will still be accepted on this register as long as you trained with a Casley-Smith recognised instructor – as recognised by Casley-Smith International – in the last 25 years. You need to upload a copy of your certificate.
  • If Casley-Smith International teachers cannot verify your training then you will not be accepted until you complete a recognised course.
  • You need to have current professional indemnity and public liability insurance in order to treat patients.
  • You need to have evidence of continued professional development in order to be recognised by your professional association e.g. AHPRA qualified health professionals, such as physiotherapists, need to comply with CPD regulations in order to maintain AHPRA registration and physiotherapy registration.
  • Being on the database does not mean that we have tested your clinical capacity of currency of practice. The database allows patients to find qualified lymphoedema practitioners with greater ease.

To register on CANfind simply visit