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What is lymphoedema?

Lymphoedema (also spelled lymphedema) is a condition involving long-term tissue swelling that occurs when the lymphatic system, a delicate network of fluid drainage tubes in our bodies, fails to work properly.

When the lymphatic system becomes overloaded, tissue fluid builds up. This results in swelling that leads to inflammation. The inflamed tissues can become hard, fatty and at risk of serious skin infections known as cellulitis.

Some are born with lymphatic system problems (known as primary lymphoedema) and others are a risk of developing the condition after injuries, cancer treatments or after experiencing problems with their circulatory system (known as secondary lymphoedema).

Millions of people are affected worldwide by lymphoedema. One in five people, for example, diagnosed with breast cancer are at risk of developing lymphoedema as a side effect of breast cancer treatment. The good news is that when detected early and with the right information, care and treatments, breast cancer-related lymphoedema is potentially reversible.

Many patients living with lymphoedema wonder why they weren’t told about the condition before they started swelling – this is where we hope to empower you so you never have to ask this question.

Empowerment through lymphoedema education.

The first step to helping yourself is knowing how! The path to detecting and  managing lymphoedema successfully, is through receiving the right education, healthcare and practising self-care. 

Equipping yourself with knowledge and the latest in scientific recommendations allows you to spot the early signs of lymphoedema and seek medical care early. Education allows you to re-direct your focus from worry and fear about the unknown to an action plan for self-care and management.

What is HELP Online for Lymphoedema?

HELP Online stands for Health Education on Lymphoedema for Patients Online – an online education hub on lymphoedema specifically built for patients.

There is nothing else like it in Australia – featuring Australia’s only dedicated Lymphologist, Professor Neil Piller, as well as patients who have become experts at managing their lymphoedema.

HELP Online was designed to make getting help easy. Bringing you up-to-date, evidence-based research, education and lived experience to help you detect and manage lymphoedema and make informed decisions about your healthcare and self-care. Think of it like a Lymphologist in your pocket! Now from your mobile phone or computer, you can access the power to heal in your hands.

HELP Online offers two self-paced, online courses for patients – CANdetect and CANmanage.

CANdetect is for anyone who has undergone treatment for breast cancer and helps you to understand and recognise the early warning signs of breast cancer-related lymphoedema.


CANmanage is for those diagnosed with arm, leg or face lymphoedema, whether genetic, cancer-related or from another cause and shows you how to manage the condition.


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