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Casley-Smith International is a worldwide foundation for certified practitioners in the field of Lymphology and Oncology.

Where is Casley-Smith International based?

Casley-Smith International (C-SI) is a non-for-profit organisation and represents an international group of certified Casley-Smith instructors in the Modern Treatment for Lymphoedema, based on the work of Dr John R. Casley-Smith and Dr Judith R. Casley-Smith.

Founding members of Casley-Smith International are based in Australia (C-S Aus), Israel (C-S Israel), the Netherlands (C-S NL), the United Kingdom (C-S UK) and the United States of America (C-S USA). It is anticipated that C-SI will expand over time to incorporate other countries around the world.

C-SI has representatives from each country and we meet-up regularly at conferences and via zoom. Each meeting we share new techniques skills and scientific insights based on evidence practice and current research and educational projects.  All Casley-Smith instructors, therapists and students are involved and encouraged to participate in publishing peer-reviewed articles, reviewing and contributing to books, poster presentations, webinars and Casley-Smith ambassadorship.

Who was Dr John and Judith Casley-Smith?


Dr John and Dr Judith Casley-Smith

Dr John and Dr Judith Casley-Smith (left). Dr John Casley-Smith (right) working on the electron microscope.

Dr John Casley-Smith was one of the most eminent lymphologists in Australia. He literally lived at his internationally known Electron Microscope Unit, which was based at the University of Adelaide.

From the late 1960s through to the 1990s he was an active member of the national (Australian) and international lymphology community, a founding member of the International Society of Lymphology (ISL) and was involved in the establishment of basic care and treatment programmes for patients, which were practicable and possible in the South East Asian and Indian regions.

Dr John and Judith Casley-Smith working overseas.

Dr John Casley-Smith published several papers on the lymphatics in peer-reviewed journals. While John (together with his wife Judy) wrote over 400 papers in a range of journals, the ones in Professor Piller’s opinion that made the most difference were, ‘How the lymphatic system works’ in the Journal of Lymphology published in 1968 and a later one in the New England Journal of Medicine, of which he was extremely proud entitled, ‘Treatment of lymphoedema of the arms and legs with benzopyrones’ in 1993. This was perhaps the first time that lymphoedema and its treatment had been acknowledged in such a high level journal.

Another example is this review which starts with a brief description of the pioneering work done by J.R. Casley-Smith when he looked at the pathophysiological changes that occur, and transport from the blood vessels, through the interstitium to the lymphatics and lymphatic uptake, with the electron microscope.

Dr John Casley-Smith sadly passed away in 1997.

You can read this paper written by Professor Neil Piller: Article by Professor Neil Piller on the Lymphoedema Association of Australia in the Journal of Lymphoedema in 2014.
The tribute at the end of this paper reads, “This article is dedicated to Dr John Casley-Smith, one of the founders of modern lymphology, a true gentleman, friend and mentor, without whom many of us would never have embarked on a path of discovery in the world of lymphatics and lymphoedema to learn how we can make a difference.”

A eulogy of Dr John Casley-Smith was published in the Journal of Lymphology (Clodius, L. & O’Morchoe, C., (1997) “IN MEMORIAM: JOHN R. CASLEY-SMITH”, Lymphology 30(4), p.204-207.)

In Memoriam: Dr John Casley-Smith published in the Lymphology in 1997

Dr Judith Casley Smith was able to work with her husband to integrate the theory of the anatomy and physiology of the lymphatics into treatments for patients suffering from lymphoedema.

Dr Judith Casley-Smith sadly passed away in 2022.

In a tribute to Judith Casley-Smith, words from the 2022 President of Casley-Smith International (Physiotherapist Jill Bracha from Israel) follow, “Judith and her husband Dr. John Casley-Smith dedicated their lives to lymphedema treatment and research and their life’s work has had a major impact on the lives of patients, doctors, therapists and teachers all over the world. Working in a country with vast distances and scarce treatment resources, Judith was the forerunner in the concept of patient centered treatment including tools for self-treatment.

Her concept was based on rehabilitation with strong emphasis on providing technique for self-bandaging, self-massage and special exercise for lymphedema, thus enabling and encouraging patient engagement, empowerment and improved quality of life. Judith provided therapists with an essential assessment tool consisting of circumference measurement and volume calculation to discern lymphedema stage, severity and treatment progress. This tool has become invaluable for patient education, clinical decision making and as support for treatment coverage by insurance providers. Judith trained therapists in Australia, the UK, USA, Canada, Holland and Israel some of whom she later trained as Casley-Smith Instructors. Sadly, Judith had to retire in 2003 due to health reasons but the foundation was laid and today there are 18 teachers, 4 trainee teachers, hundreds of therapists and an international organization called the Casley-Smith International offering lymphedema treatment and information based on the Casley-Smith Method of Lymphedema Treatment.” You can read Jill’s tribute here: Tribute to Dr Judith Casley-Smith by Jill Bracha

It is with hope and pride that the work of Casley-Smith International continues.  May the lives of those living with lymphoedema continue to to benefit from the work of Dr Judith and John Casley-Smith.